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Walkera Adjustable Tail Clutch

-Improvement on stock design even if clutch is not needed! Clamps flange bearings to the shaft for less vibrations.

-No more stripped tail gear while landing in tall grass or during a crash.



-V120D02S - Direct replacement - No additional parts.

-V120D02,M120D02,4#6,4#6S,4G6,4G6S,Heli-Max Novus 125 CP / 125 FP Helicopter, Nine Eagle Solo Pro 180- One additional part needed: Walkera # HM-V120D02S-Z-11 gear. (Easily available on ebay or Wowhobbies)

-Gear on this clutch is aluminum. Recommend using this gear with the plastic stock Walkera "C" gear. Since there is a clutch now, is over kill to use aftermarket aluminum gear with the clutch. Different material is the way to go. Aluminum on aluminum will require lubricant to prevent possible galling.

More background info.

Section View of Assembled Clutch



Instructions Page


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1 Clutch Assembly $18.50

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Spare Parts:

See diagram for parts location:



Aluminum Bevel Gear $4.00


Tail Rotor Hub $8.25


Tensioner $3.00


Spacer $2.00


O-Ring $1.50


Key Pin $9.00

Dimensions: Dia: .72 +/-.02 mm Length 2.5 +/-.03mm (Make your own using .029" music wire)



Tail Shaft $12.00


Keyed Plate $3.00




M2X2 Setscrew and Hex Wrench $2.50


Gear Shim $1.50




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